Caring For Your Wood Furniture

IZM uses Woca Danish Oil to best express the natural beauty of wood, to provide surface protection and for ease of repair. 

To maintain a beautiful surface sheen, IZM recommends that you apply Woca Danish Oil at minimum once per year in humid geographic regions, or two or more times per year in low humidity regions. If in doubt, re-apply oil when the furniture loses its lustre. Note: the interiors of cabinets will not need to be oiled as often.

 Oiling is an easy at-home nine step process:

1. Protect surrounding floors with a drop-sheet or newspaper. 

2. If desired / needed, remove minor blemishes from wood by lightly abrading with 1000-grit sandpaper or 000 steel wool. For best results lightly rub all surfaces with the aforementioned abrasives prior to oiling. Exercise caution with Smoke Walnut, and Bleached Oak finishes as these have a coloring treatment that could be worn through with overly vigorous abrading. Please refer deep scratches and large marks to professional furniture re-finishers or contact us.

3. Wipe the surface with a lightly damp cloth or microfibre cloth to remove dust, then wait until wood is completely dry. 

4. Apply a thin coat of oil to the wood with a brush or rag. Redistribute the oil to keep the surface looking uniformly wet. Allow oil to absorb for fifteen minutes. 

5. Wipe off excess oil with a clean cotton cloth.

6. Clean any drips from your floors with an appropriate surface-safe solvent [Oil is hard to remove once it has soaked in]. 

7. Vigorously wipe wood surface with a clean cotton cloth. 

8. Let wood dry for eight hours before placing items on the newly oiled surface. 

9. Sit back and contemplate the beauty of your heirloom-quality IZM furniture.