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izm - pr. /iz’m/
a movement
concerned with the
discipline of how one
should live, what
sorts of things exist,
and what are their
essential natures


Raised on the Alberta prairies, IZM founders Jerad Mack and Shane Pawluk developed a design aesthetic inspired by low horizons and minimalist vistas.

IZM’s clean designs appear rustic but are sophisticated in construction. They often cast an imposing shadow but remain delicate through studied variation in material thickness, cantilevered construction, recesses, and just-right proportionality. IZM’s high quality handcrafted pieces are beautiful enough to stand alone but are also timelessly adaptable to myriad decors, ensuring their longevity in an increasingly disposable culture.

Solid wood is the medium of choice at IZM. It’s durable and workable, but more importantly it ages gracefully, its dynamic nature reflecting the relationship it has enjoyed with builders and owners. Each IZM piece starts life unique in appearance, but further develops a characteristic patina when loved by generations of users— Shane and Jerad hope you will embed your own memories in IZM’s heirloom quality furniture.

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Modern solid wood furniture. Contemporary design tables, coffee tables, entertainment units, dressers / drawers